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Structural Base Frames

Structural Frame Damage

Our structural base kits are used in the repair of structural frames. This unique kit has a number of different features that can be added to improve their efficiency and long term use.  

The features of Structural Base Frames allows future damaged front frames to be easily removed without any cutting or welding by simply inserting a new Base frame piece.

Additionally we have bolt in braces allowing future damaged to be simply removed and replaced.

One of the features that can be added are our redesigned load beam with a reverse profile for protecting labels and mesh decking from damage.  These beams can be used in the Base Frame or your existing structural and rolled form frames. 

Fortified Racking

Patent Pending

Structural Base Frame
Super Frame

Super Frame

New Warehouse


Roll formed warehouse racking is used in all types of industries and styles such as double deep, VNA, case flow systems and many others.  Damage to your racking can result in locked out locations, safety hazards and possible damage to inventory due to structural failure.

The Super Fame is designed for easy removal of the lower portion of the front frame column as well as the bolt in bracing panel where 95% of damage typically occurs.

When installed in a new application, our Super Frame eliminates the need for expensive repair kits and/or time consuming frame swaps.  This in turn minimizes disruption to your operations, decreasing total cost of ownership, and finally increases the overall safety of the system as it is now easier than ever to maintain your racking system.

Fortified Racking

Patent Pending

Brace Panels

Repair Damaged Braces

Damage to frame bracing is common and repairing them can be costly and time consuming. 

Missing or bent braces greatly reduces the frames load capacity as well as the safety to your employees. 


Our brace panel system can be installed quickly over the damaged area returning the frame to it's original load carrying capacity. 


They come in a variety of sizes to fit your current frames. 

Brace Damage

Fortified Racking

Patent Pending

Repairs with Brace Panel

Brace Panels

Box Guards

Reduce Shrinkage

Product loss (shrinkage) happens in many ways and our box guards can help reduce this.

When numerous pallets and products are stacked it is hard to determine if something has shifted, these occurrences may not be found until after the pallet has been removed or the product is damaged.

Our Box Guards are easy to install, come in various lengths and can be used in both structural and rolled formed frames.  If you are tired on figuring out how to fix the problem the Box Guard is the solution. 

See below some of the problems found and our Box Guards.

Fortified Racking

Patent Pending

Box Guard

Slide Deck

Increase Pick Rates

The Slide Deck is designed to help your operational needs. 

Our Slide Deck takes place of your existing mesh deck with additional benefits:

  • Reduce order selector injuries - minimizes Reach and Places Product in the Preferred Picking Zone

  • Increase pick rates - 15-20% - No pick sticks Required

  • Reduce product damage - Vertical Plate - Acts as a Box Guard reducing shrinkage


Each Slide Deck is comprised of a deck plate the same size as your existing wire mesh deck + (3) or (4) individual slide arms depending on the number of SKU’s you’re storing per deck.  


To function, the order selector simply pulls the handle of the slide arm handle towards the aisle which bring the product from the rear of the deck to the preferred picking zone.  Depending on the level of the product being stored, the slide arm has a handle accessible on both the top and bottom of the deck plate.


With regards to installation, we can install on either a full structural system or a roll-form system with either a step beam or a boxed beam.  In order to install, you remove the existing wire mesh deck and place the Slide Deck in its place and then load the product as required.  It is captured in between the front and rear load beam via the return bends at the bottom of the deck plate – no fasteners required. 



The deck is designed with 10 gauge galvanized material and is rated for 2,500 Lbs. UDL. 



Various size boxes, pails and bags are easily conveyable.  We’ve designed a bracket attachment and guidance system for buckets/pails which are easily fastened to the slide arm and deck plate.  See images below

Slide Deck 3.png
Slide Deck - Bottom 4.png

Slide Deck - Top View

Slide Deck - Bottom View

Simply pull the handles (show in green) for product to move forward. 

Fortified Racking

Patent Pending

Slide Deck  -  Combination Products

Slide Deck - Buckets/Pails

Slide Deck 2.png

Slide Deck

Slide Deck

Inspections for Damaged


Pallet rack inspections are an important process that helps ensure the safety and functionality of storage systems.


Our inspection process involves examining the rack components, including the uprights, beams, braces, and connections, for signs of damage or wear that could compromise the integrity of the system.  

Here are some key steps involved in our inspections:

  1. Conduct a visual inspection: Visually inspect the pallet rack system for any signs of damage or wear. Look for cracks, dents, rust, or other indications of damage that could affect the structural integrity of the system.

  2. Check for levelness: Ensure that the pallet racks are level and plumb, and that the uprights are properly anchored to the floor or wall.

  3. Look for signs of corrosion: Check for signs of corrosion, particularly in areas where there is exposure to moisture or chemicals.

  4. Check for missing or damaged components: Check for missing or damaged components such as beam connectors, locking pins, or bracing. Replace any missing or damaged components immediately.

  5. Photos: During the inspection we take photos of the identified locations, if requested these are shared with the client and used when providing the corrective actions and reference for future examinations.

  6. Document the inspection: Document the results of the inspection, including any issues that were identified and any corrective actions that should be addressed.

  7. Schedule regular inspection: ​Schedule regular inspections of pallet racking system to ensure that it remains in good condition and continues to operate safely

Other services we can provide:

  • Design proposals for increased pallet positions

  • Engineering for load capacities

  • Placards

Our inspections offer clients a comprehensive document where areas of critical damage can be addressed for budgets and future maintenance.  

Schedule an inspection or contact us for more information.      


Types of pallet racking damage that can effect structural load capacity

Damage Inspection

Carbon Footprint Reduction

We can extend the life of your existing system with our products.

Damaged racking effects load capacity and replacing or repairing this can result in the full height removal of your system.

This causes tons of wasted material to be recycled when the damage is only in a few locations.

We help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Our products including the Structural Base Frame and Super Frame are designed for easy removal of just the damaged frames, not the entire unit greatly reducing your future recycling load.


Structural Base Frame and Super Frame

  • New frame design with a bolted application for the removal of the front frame, no need for entire frame to be discarded.

  • Has bolt in braces for easy repairs

Damaged Racking
Reduce Carbon Footprint_edited_edited_edited.png
Removal of Damaged Racking
Carbon Footprint Reduction
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